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The Sea Switch

based on and adapted by


from the original story and screenplay by

Le Baron W. Amacker

Welcome to Volume 1 – 2017 of Adventures On A Couch.

        Back in the late 1950s my brother, known to his friends and family as “Lee,” wrote a original story and screenplay that was optioned but never produced by the production company. After the option period ran out and the rights were once again fully under Lee’s control, he and I often talked about ways to bring the story before the public. In late 2002, we made plans to publish it as a graphic novel with Lee creating the illustrative art work. But Fate overruled our plans, as Lee was diagnosed with cancer. He passed on in June of 2003, and I put away the notes we had made regarding the project.

        Recently, I dug them out of the files and adapted the story as this Internet narrative which is as close as I could come to making the story, originally designed as a dark-tinged noir crime yarn,  as gripping as the film version would have been.  Because of the difference in the mediums, I made several changes to the story that Lee might, or might not, agree with.


        Ken Travis, owner of the Travis Charter Service on the Long Beach Municipal Airport in 1957, is supposed to be duped into believing that a requested charter is merely a routine business flight to take some important papers needing signature to an executive vacationing on his yacht at sea.

        But Travis is tipped off by Glenda Haynes, a stripper working at Nero’s Palace near the docks, that the flight is really to deliver a kidnapped nineteen year old heiress and collect a $1,000,000.00 ransom for her! Neither one of the two kidnappers can fly, and Glenda wants Travis to help her steal the ransom money from the two thugs. Facing bankruptcy and the loss of all he has worked for, Travis tells himself that he will agree to the heist of the ransom simply for the money...but he realizes that Glenda Haynes is as much the reason for taking the risk as the loot.

        Will a good man go bad for the dame and the money? Will a often bad girl, perhaps too late, go straight for love?


THE SEA SWITCH  copyright 2017 by Thomas W. Amacker. Redistribution in any form and/or sale of this publication anywhere other than on this web site is prohibited by anyone without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, Thomas W. Amacker. This is a work of fiction stemming from the imagination of the author of the original story and screenplay of the same title by, LeBaron W. Amacker (1958) as adapted in narrative form for the Internet medium by Thomas W. Amacker (2016.) It is not meant to depict any actual event, place, or persons, living or deceased.  Any similarity to an actual event, place, or person is entirely coincidental.

For any questions, comments, or complaints please address them to:

Thomas W. Amacker

1111 Mill Creek Blvd. F104

Mill Creek, Wa  98012-3008

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